‘Trompe, Trompe’ (translation: Deceive, deceive) is a body of work which reflects upon the nature of illusion and the place it may have in contemporary painting.  The title is based upon the art historical tradition of ‘Trompe L’Oeil’ wherein the artist typically arranged and painted a collection of images and objects on a vertical flat surface in order to demonstrate their technical proficiency at rendering the illusion of textures, light and depth – literally to trick the viewer into believing that they could reach out and pick up the object.  In this series of work, the artist has sought to explore how this tradition can be expanded and questioned.  Beginning with a pinboard-like composition based upon art historical references, she extended the enquiry into making and working from collages and assemblages, exploring the possibilities of rendering both flattened and low relief depth onto the painted surface.  Influenced by Surrealism and the idea of accessing the unconscious mind through the use of a collage methodology using found images and sometimes combining them with paint, Hughes intends on mining  the ambiguous space between the real and the imaginary; a space where poetic meanings can be created.  Bringing together often apparently disparate images, the viewer is able to make their own connections and meanings are multiple and personal.  There is tension created between the reference to traditions of illusionistic painting and the use of imagery and materials not traditionally associated with fine art – modelling clay, doll parts, kitsch objects, everyday scraps of printed material and folk art.